Getting Started

For most families building a home is the greatest financial investment they will ever make.  It can also be an overwhelming process leaving some buyers confused and wondering where to begin.  The Evergreen team would like to put your mind at ease and help facilitate this process with a step-by-step guide for your home building design, move-in day, and everything in-between.

Step 1- Financing

Unless you plan on paying cash for your new home, it’s a good idea to get pre-approved by a lender to know how much you can afford. We’re approved home builders for several banks if you need any suggestions or you can choose a bank of your own.

Step 2- Important First Steps

This may seem obvious, however there is basic information we’ll need from you before we can begin planning your home.

  • Have your established a budget?
  • How many square feet are you looking for?
  • How many bedrooms would you like?
  • Are there certain architectural styles you’re looking at or any unique elements you’d like to incorporate?

All of these questions will help us to ensure we able to meet your expectations and narrow down the types of lots you should be looking for.

Step 3- Choosing your Property

Before designing your custom  home you’ll need to choose a piece of property to ensure the custom home we design will fit within the parameters. We’d love to help you find it, however if you already have a realtor or want to look on your own that is great too. Once you find the property location of your dreams we’ll get a copy of the survey and meet with you to design a home that works with the lot and your budget.

Step 4- Designing your Custom Home

The creative process can be fun. This is your chance to gather all your thoughts and creative ideas on paper and design the home of your dreams. Evergreen works with several of the areas top architects, allowing us to connect you with the architect that best fits the architectural style you’re looking for while planning your home. For those of you that already have a set of building plans we’d love an opportunity to bid that too.

Step 5- Contract and closing

Once you approve of the design and specifications of your home, we’ll finalize the lot and construction contracts and proceed to closing.

Step 6- Plans – Engineering – Permitting

This step doesn’t involve your time, however Evergreen Dwellings will get your plans and structural engineering approved and sent to the building department for issuance of your building permit.

Step 7- Construction begins

Now that we have your building permit approved we’ll immediately begin laying out your home and digging your foundation footings. We’ll also introduce you to our design coordinator to help you select all the finishes that will go into your home. It may seem easy to plan your home, however it can be challenging to select all the paint colors, cabinets, counter tops, flooring, wet tiles, plumbing fixtures, fans, light fixtures, and appliances so they come together and meet all your design goals. We’ll also introduce you to your superintendent and all other members of the Evergreen construction team. Together we’ll constantly stay in contact with you so you know what’s going on with your home and facilitate the construction progress.

Step 8- House is complete!

Prior to closing and moving in we’ll schedule a walk-thru and prepare a punch list. At this time we’ll address any construction defects and get them resolved as soon as possible. At closing we’ll give you the keys and garage door openers to your house, along with all the warranty information, subcontractor contacts, lien releases, and all other pertinent information that is associated with your home.

Step 9- Enjoy your Evergreen Dwellings Home

We value all of our clients and strive to give you the best home construction process possible. We thoroughly hope we can exceed your expectations and we want you to sit back, relax, and finally enjoy the dream home that Evergreen Dwellings designed- with your help of course!